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This page last updated
January 2017

A wide selection of my photographs
can now be seen on

and there’s a video of a hummingbird hawk-moth on youtube.

Most of my photographs are taken while walking –
sometimes the view from my house is inspiration in itself:

Alpes vaudoises

For this next one I stepped across the road, to avoid an intrusive lamp post.
(I might add here that I prefer my pictures straight from the camera,
rather than photoshopped. These are all “as shot”.)

Lake and land in blue & gold

Rather than seek out something in particular
(close-ups of flowers, for example),
I aim to keep an open mind as to what I'm going to photograph.
That way, I can even catch myself by surprise.

Self in old farm window

Shapes and patterns are liable to draw my attention,
whether they be natural objects that look like animals
(see my page of wild encounters)
or just patterns that are pleasing in themselves.
A few examples.

A lamp in evening sunlight (called ‘Light and shade’)
  Light and shade

I like this one. The trim little school and the abandoned tractor,
whose exhaust seems to have blown over the pile of tiles.

Abandoned red tractor

The other day I passed a burned out trailer;
the fresh rust on the wheels and other metal parts caught my eye.

Rusty wheels

The handrail of a flight of wooden steps
made this wonderful zigzag pattern.

Zigzag shadow on steps

Chalet eaves.

carved eaves of a chalet

Another one that I found funny:
the tin roof of a shed looking for all the world like an enormous envelope.

Tin roof like an envelope

You could do some real work with these on the front of your tractor!

two prongs on the front of a bucket

This is the business end of a rotary snow plough (snowplow in the US).
I love the delicacy of the sprinkle of snow on it.

Rotary snow plow

Sometimes I’m lucky:

here’s a short video shot with a Canon G10 camera up at 4200 feet in the Jura.