Fox wonders, what's this on my track?
I tend to meet foxes more often than other wild animals.

This cub was sleeping at the edge of the forest; I sat down and waited. When he woke, he turned, bleary-eyed, to look in my direction before diving down the bank to his earth.

A sleepy fox cub


A marmot in full cry, one paw raised like an opera singer!


Marmot shows its teeth as it whistles


You will have to tell me what this one is!


Imaginary animal head


This, on the other hand, is definitely a fish that has strayed onto the forest floor.




And I think this is a friendly fellow.


Looks like a bear . . . perhaps


Whereas this creature just leaped out at me, in an off-hand way, as I passed . . .


dead branch leaping


this was a long, slow, satisfying kiss.


two snails, mating


A family excursion.


three grasshoppers


Seen close enough, a moth spreading its antennae is a scary monster.


moth seen very close


Finally, this fox was waiting for me when I stuck my camera through a hole in a hedge.


fox in a clearing

No photoshopping here; the blurred green frame is the foliage of the hedge.