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This page last updated March 2018

Louisa Caroline Jeffrey
born 10 Aug 1806

I am researching the life of Louisa Jeffrey, the only daughter of the Baptist minister at Billingshurst Chapel at the beginning of the 19th century; she accompanied Harriet Martineau on her historic tour of America in 1834–36.

A good deal is known about Louisa's life subsequent to this trip – she married James McKee and became active in promoting votes for women; but nothing is known about the fifteen years or so between her leaving the school run by her aunt Ruth Jeffrey in Horsham and her departure for America. Nor do we know how Harriet Martineau came to choose Louisa as her companion/secretary/tour organizer. Louisa is likely to have remained in the Billingshurst/Horsham area, perhaps as a governess or as a lady's companion.

So I would be very grateful to hear from anyone with information about her from old letters, or simply reminiscences passed down in the family.

You can contact me by email.

Many thanks for your interest.